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If you are interested in partnering with CARR4Kids to help educate youth about healthy habits and positive behaviors, consider becoming an Affiliate Marketer. As an Affiliate Marketer, you will have access to the entire library of products that CARR4Kids offers. We offer a generous commission on every item sold and the cookies associated with your personal affiliate link remain active for 60 days.

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To empower kids to make

smart choices

for a healthier lifestyle.


We do not think inside of the box.

We do not think outside of the box.

We reshape the box.

CARR 4 Kids, Inc. strives to educate youth about healthy, behavioral and coping issues by providing imaginative guidelines to make smart choices.  CARR's approach is focused on prevention and intervention, highlighting mentoring.

CARR uses whimsical characters and innovative concepts to encourage the child to build self-confidence and make the most of the learning tools presented.  CARR is a bridge that transfers established, accredited data into practical application that children can comprehend and utilize.
CARR makes learning fun and invites the child to use their own imagination and curiosity!

Established to create innovative materials on health and behavioral issues using accelerated educational data, our products such as coloring books, music CDs, narrative DVDs, and board games are developed from extensive research. Everyday our youth face issues from bullying to self esteem to health challenges.

CARR is a strong believer in mentoring and we offer mentor ship materials for parents and teachers designed to increase learning and engagement.

Field Testing of our materials has occurred at eight independent sites that tutor over 1,500 children. Their feedback was key to the development of our products. 16% increase in Diabetes Type 2 knowledge was shown in Pre and post testing results.

At the last community event we co-hosted, we saw a lot of the 550 participants pick up viable, beautifully illustrated and informative information, thumb threw all of the informative pages,then put the material down and walked away. Upon questioning them, they said there was too much information and it became complicated for them.  That is the primary reason we created the “My First Steps Series” to promote easy comprehension and encourage ownership. 

This not only gave us the opportunity to meet a need, but to expand our market audience.  That being young and old alike. A portion of all of our sales is used to provide our educational materials to the underserved children in various communities.

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