"Family Wellness Empowerment Tools"

Welcome to CARR 4 Kids, Inc. We are All About Unlocking the Potential of Your Family's Wellness Journey. Discover Empowerment Tools for Lasting Health and Happiness

CARR makes learning fun & invites families to use their imagination and curiosity!

Mission Statement:

Evaluate your family's well-being with a powerful arsenal of wellness empowerment tools. These resources will enhance physical health and nurture emotional and mental strength, creating a harmonious environment for all to thrive


CARR Motto:

We don't think inside of the box. We don't think outside of the box. We reshape the box.

What People Are Saying!


“Learning about healthy living is critical to ensuring that good habits start early and become a cornerstone in a young person’s life. I have forwarded your innovative project onto Secretary Kim Belshi at the California Health and Human Services Agency.”

Maria Shriver
First Lady of California


“The founder of the CARR 4 Kids, Inc., Ginger Gritter, is a Safe Kids Now partner who is dedicated to empowering children in every community. Her creative, whimsical characters inspire children to make smart choices for a healthier lifestyle to help them control diabetes and prevent obesity.”

Stephanie L. Mann
Safety Consultant

Learn more about Safe Kids Now - A National Network to Keep Your Child Safe.

“Very creative and cutting edge. Simple and straightforward, informative and educational.”

Dr. G. Gary Manross, Ph. D.
Chairman, CEO, Strategy Research Institute

“CARR’s approach at informing the consumer about various topics including health issues to gardening, young and old, is different from what I have seen. The information is extremely practical and easy to comprehend. The graphics are excellent and help get the message across.”

Patricia Alvarez-Palma
Case Manager (CPF) Sutter Tracy Healthy Connections Resource Center

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