Cyber Bullying Empowerment Video


Available as a 30-minute tutorial.  It provides practical, simple, and Straightforward empowerment information for parents regarding Cyber Bullying and their child.

The co-founders are Dr. Mary Zennett, Board Certified Child Psychiatrist with 35 years of family dynamics experience and Ginger Guadagni, an Artist and concept developer of CARR 4 Kids, Inc.

This video provides purposeful information regarding Cyber Bullying. This is the second in a series of 3 video.   

  1. Overview
  2. Solutions
  3. Cyber Bullying. 

The project promotes parents and their children information that will provide smart choices for a healthier lifestyle.  It takes researched information and melds it with innovative creativity that encourages practical applications.  



This video provides purposeful information regarding Bullying and is the second video in a series of three videos.

Please note this product is provided as an mp4 video file that will be available for immediate download upon purchase


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